I am a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on Human-centered and Industrial Design. Since 2014 I study Industrial Design at HAN University of Applied Sciences. This is a selection of my work from various creative fields.

Salad Shaker

Designed at Smaac in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

salad shaker hero

This project had a very clear briefing: design a salad shaker for promotion of Bonduelle corn products in Ahold Delhaize supermarkets. The very limited price was one of the biggest challenges during this project. This meant a lot of optimization was needed to get the functionality to the desired level.

What is a salad shaker?
A salad shaker is a container for keeping your salad fresh. It has a separate compartment for dressing and croutons so your salad won’t get soggy. When you are going to eat your salad, you can add the dressing and croutons and “shake” all of the ingredients to incorporate them.


salad shaker sketch This sketch shows the concept chosen for further development.

salad shaker prototyping Extensive prototyping was done to ensure the salad shaker met all requirements.

salad shaker concept Concept visualization explaining the different compartments: salad, dressing, garniture.


First Out of Tool. This is the first sample out of the injection mold.

salad shaker prototyping

salad shaker prototyping

For me this was the first time I got to manage a project from sketch to final product. I learned a lot about how great of a responsibility you have as a designer when making decisions in such a design process, and how that affects the final outcome.

I worked on the Salad Shaker as a member of the design team at Smaac. You can view this project on their website.

The contact person for this project is Alex de Winter ([email protected], +31 (0) 73 610 07 89).