Revolve Waterbottle

Design process


Design a water bottle that fits into the daily routine like a jigsaw piece into a puzzle. Keep the design accessible by staying true to a functionalist vision, avoiding any unnecessary gimmicks.

“When designing an object, do you just create its ‘outline’, or do you try to make that ‘outline’ fit into the environment?”
— Naoto Fukasawa



Ideation is focused around one simple innovation: being able to open the bottle with one hand, thus allowing one hand to be free while opening, drinking and closing. And because the cap can’t be easily separated from the bottle (like a screw cap) you never have to be afraid of losing it.



modelbouw 1

modelbouw 2

Multiple foam prototypes are made for testing ergonomics. A solid oak wood prototype is made to simulate the weight of a filled bottle.

modelbouw 3


Testing a filter that prevents small seeds or other unwanted stuff from getting in your mouth.

filter test 1

filter test 2

Optimize For Manufacturing

Visiting a moldmaker and manufacturing facility for evaluating producibility and costs.

flestic 1

flestic 2


Testing a 3D printed prototype in different environments.

context 1

context 2

context 4

Final Design

Top view

Hero view

Opening with thumb visualization

Filling the bottle and filtration visualization

Parts overview

Packaging Concept

Packaging visualization

Revolve Water Bottle project in collaboration with Maarten Roos.
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