Revolve Waterbottle, 2018

The market for water bottles is crowded with all kinds of gimmicky products with each their own questionable unique selling point. We saw an opportunity to design a functional yet elegant water bottle. During the design process we aimed to keep the design accessible by staying true to a holistic and functionalist vision.

revolve waterbottle top view

Innovative Opening

The design is focused around one simple innovation: being able to open the bottle with one hand, thus allowing one hand to be free while opening, drinking and closing. You simply push up to open, and press down to close. Because the cap can't be easily separated from the bottle, you never have to be afraid of losing it.


We found that it was more difficult to drink without spilling out of a larger opening than one similar in size to that of a regular PET bottle. The diameter we chose allows for drinking without too much risk of splashing yourself.

revolve waterbottle hero

More Than Water

The design features a large opening allowing for easy refilling and adding ice, fruit and herbs to your water. A stainless steel strainer keeps unwanted stuff like seeds out of your mouth while drinking. Its cone-like shape makes sure you can take it out of the bottle easily with your finger and prevents spilling if you are filling the bottle with it still inside.

revolve waterbottle large opening


With exception of the strainer, all parts are produced using injection moulding. The transparent part is made out of PET-G. This material allows for glass-like clarity while also being very though. Both the white and grey parts are made of PP due to its mechanical properties that make the opening and closing mechanism possible. The coloured sealing rings are made out of a TPE.


We opted for using stainless steel for the strainer to prevent it from becoming a flimsy piece that would decrease the perceived value of the product.

revolve waterbottle exploded view revolve waterbottle packaging


revolve waterbottle evolution revolve waterbottle evolution


Multiple prototyping iterations were done to optimise ergonomics. A wooden model was made to simulate the weight of a filled bottle.

revolve waterbottle models
revolve waterbottle prototyping revolve waterbottle prototyping

Water Flow

Testing different strainer shapes for best water flow using 3D prints.

revolve waterbottle flow test revolve waterbottle flow test

Optimising for Production

Visiting a manufacturer to assess feasibility and to learn how we can further optimise the design for production.

revolve waterbottle manufacturer visit revolve waterbottle manufacturer visit

Evaluating the Design

Testing a 3D printed prototype in real life contexts.

revolve waterbottle 3d print in context revolve waterbottle 3d print in context revolve waterbottle 3d print in context revolve waterbottle 3d print in context revolve waterbottle 3d print in context revolve waterbottle 3d print in context

This project is a collaboration with Maarten Roos.