I am a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on Human-centered and Industrial Design. Since 2014 I study Industrial Design at HAN University of Applied Sciences. This is a selection of my work from various creative fields.

HUB Turku Material Library

video setup

This is the result of a 3 day ‘pressure cooker’ assignment from Co-Design Studio during International Week. We went on a trip to Turku (in Finland) to help HUB Turku, a downtown co-working & makerspace, with their idea for a material library.


This video explains our concept.


Within 3 days: Aligning with client > Defining project outline and design question > Ideation > Concepting > Align with client > Finalize concept.

Creating the video

video setup Our setup to film the concept video.

Design Team:
Nimet Agba (narration in video)
Renske Alblas
Brenda Casados Chouza (drawing in video)
Stijn van Cuijk
Younes Strating