Bike Basket, 2016

The plastic shopping bag is on its way out. Can we offer people that travel to the grocery store by bike, a better and more user-friendly alternative? This Bike Basket functions as a shopping basket when you are doing your shopping. When traveling to and from home it can easily be mounted onto the back or front rack of your bike. The mounting unit is attached to your bike using heavy duty tie-wraps: no tools required.

bike basket hero image bike basket bike basket


When placing the basket on the mounting unit, the two aluminium tubes will rest in two notches so the basket won’t slide off before securing it with the bright red clip. The clip will generate a clearly audible click sound when it is pressed over the aluminium tube, assuring the user that the basket has been properly fastened. The hook on the other end of the mounting unit can be collapsed so the bike rack can be used for other purposes.

bike basket section view bike basket on bike bike basket manual


Shopping baskets can get quite heavy when they are loaded with groceries. Using round handles made of the same aluminium tubing as the fastening mechanism makes the basket pleasant to hold even when fully loaded. The plastic handles boldly rest on top of the aluminium handles making them easy to grab.

bike basket hero image bike basket sketches bike basket prototype