I am a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on Human-centered and Industrial Design. Since 2014 I study Industrial Design at HAN University of Applied Sciences. This is a selection of my work from various creative fields.

Accreditation Documentary and Posters

In 2018 I was asked to help with generating material for the accreditation of the Industrial Product Design program, to give the committee a fair image of how students feel about the program.


This is a short documentary about Industrial Product Design at the HAN in which students give their opinions about various topics.

The video was part of the material that was send to the accreditation committee for review, before the hearing took place. Because the documentary was also used as a feedback tool for improving the curriculum, I made editing decisions that kept it quite comprehensive. Most important for me was that the student’s voices were heard, without any filters.

Directed and produced by:
Stijn van Cuijk

Co-produced by:
Bram Snijders
Wing-Han Tang

Sjoerd Overeem
Marin de Vree
Rinse Timmerman
Stan Brandwijk
Frank van Altena
Gijs Ebben
Pim Cornelder
Nienke Latta
Emma Vos

Infographic Posters

I designed two infographics. One displaying the newly developed curriculum and the other visualizing the graduation process. As the infographics concern an industrial design program, I chose to graphically emphasize this by making the posters look functional and robust. I used simple geometric shapes and color to communicate the information in a plain and clear manner.