To me, design is about asking questions, collaboration and taking responsibility. I approach design problems from both a top-down and bottom-up point of view. This helps me to understand design problems both on an abstract level and on a human level. With this understanding of context I strive towards clarity and simplicity in my designs.

I am curious and critical in nature, combined with creativity, this is wat has led me to pursue design as a career. I have never limited myself to one discipline within design. I've always taken a multidisciplinary approach. And while I think of design more as a mindset than a defined profession, I strongly believe that good design comes from a combination of mindset, knowledge and skill.

Throughout the years I have acquired experience in all kinds of creative domains, ranging from graphic and industrial design, to video and music production, to web development and coding. The central theme in exploring all of these creative pursuits has always been mastering the creative process.

In 2014 I started studying Industrial Product Design at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Since then industrial design has become my main focus.

In 2019 I completed Co-Design Studio, a full-time minor in human centered design, working for real clients with coaching by experienced design professionals.

“I like to think of Stijn as a philosopher with a knack for design. Besides being a good listener, a thinker, someone who likes to understand complex challenges on an abstract level, he is able to turn his thoughts into solutions and new directions. Stijn is extremely focused on finding the truth and seeing things for what they really are, and pays close attention to detail. If you want things done right, not just nice, Stijn is a valuable asset to your team.”

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On the web

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Graduation Internship
apr. 2019 - nov. 2019
Zutphen, NL

Industrial Design Intern
Studio Mango
nov. 2017 – feb. 2018
Breda, NL

jun. 2017 – nov. 2017
‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL

Project Engineering Intern
feb. 2017 – may 2017
Helmond, NL

Product Design Intern
sep. 2015 – jan. 2016
‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL